X-22 Smoking Cessation Aid In Development

Exceptionally Effective • Highly Attractive to Smokers • Significantly Reduces Cravings • No New Side Effects

X-22 is an innovative smoking cessation aid in development with an active IND with the FDA.

X-22 is the first and only smoking cessation product in the form of a combustible cigarette.

X-22 is a six-week prescription treatment which utilizes Very Low Nicotine (VLN) cigarettes (95% less nicotine than conventional cigarettes) to satisfy a smoker’s craving for cigarettes while separating the act of smoking from the rapid delivery of nicotine.
It is poised to disrupt and penetrate the stale multi-billion dollar smoking cessation market, and increase the number of smokers willing to try quitting.

X-22 Carton & Packs